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I wanted to know if some other owner of ATA620 card managed to get it working with Nextor (the vendor says that it is fully compatible with Sunrise IDE BIOS and So, the driver (the old and the new one) can detect and start the CF. And put that rom with your other system roms. MAPDRV.COM and CALL MAPDRV are completely equivalent.

Jack Plunkett's work has been widely covered by hundreds of magazines, newspapers and broadcast stations, including stories in USA Today and Inc. Magazine. MSX is a trademark of MSX Licensing Corporation. Strange the scan is fast as the kernel from Sunrise for only the slave slot. have a peek at this web-site

By libero Rookie (19) 29-09-2016, 17:51 I have the same problem as Sylvester and Grauw. SkyeWelse wrote: Last question would be that if I wanted to save this virtual disk setup (and saved data) would I just need to make a backup of the Next_Dsk.dat file Try to copy a bunch of files without using the SD card (for example, from a floppy to RAM disk, or to another directory in the same floppy), to rule out By giangiacomo.zaffini Champion (267) 01-03-2017, 09:27 After MicroSoft released (let someone else publish) source code base of MS-DOS 1.0 and MS-DOS 2.0, is it possible to have source code base of

If you want to try a bit more, send a private message and I can send to you some development drivers. Sometimes if I have the floppy disk inserted appears the prompt with B>. By konamiman Paladin (912) 05-04-2014, 22:39 Hi @saccopharynx, thank you very much for your bug report. The key is Q for slot 1 and A for slot 2.

What's indeed the purpose of maintaining a hash value for a HD image? If an old MSXDOS2.SYS was used by mistake, the system would boot normally, but the new Nextor specific tools would not work. By Piter Punk Master (168) 17-03-2015, 16:54 gdx wrote: - Sometine the MSX can not boot. - I copy some files and folders from my Mac. visit Then I mounted the CF-CARD in my Mac to copy nestor.sys and command2.com on it.

The same goes for Padial SD interface with FAT16: it reports free space very quickly on my MSX turbo R. Cheers, S By konamiman Paladin (912) 06-04-2014, 16:46 After extensive testing I have finally been able to reproduce the problem. PlunkettPlunkett Research, Ltd., 2007 - 594 من الصفحات 0 مراجعاتhttps://books.google.com/books/about/Plunkett_s_E_Commerce_Internet_Business.html?hl=ar&id=RtjxG1W1JjACThis new almanac will be your ready-reference guide to the E-Commerce & Internet Business worldwide! What is the different ?

If I insert the CF in the slave slot the scan does not take much time! Also re. If you have this tool installed a "Save disk contents as disk image" option is added to the menu that appears when you right click the drive assigned to the card You press only GRAPH.

I guess my problem is that I don't know how to add multiple disks, or if perhaps if I'm only supposed to be using Disk Emulation for say the User Disk Why not? Looks like your kernel was not flashed properly. This works even better than I could have imagined.

The same as on my TR Let's hope you can find the bug so I also can use Nextor Easy: your NEXTOR.SYS is corrupted. I replaced the nextor rom and the nextor.sys file. I really want to continue this development, and hope to do that soon. It boots from floppy disk.

In my Turbo-R, Nextor reports 32 Mb of free space very quickly. Finally, I would like to report some errata in Section 3 and Section 4 of the guide: Section 3: * Step a: "...you boot in the COMMAND2 prompt in drive C:". I don't know (yet) how the storage device can be tested, formatted and can't be read after that.

Strange beahaviour but sometimes without any specificr reason Nextor boots in partuclar with CF card.

I cannot tell you now if I see improvements. Then press RETURN from MultiMente in any of those file. I will have a look at that as soon as I can. We must be very quick to press the key at the right time.

By snout Ambassador (15167) 04-04-2014, 12:57 Mounting DSK images on MSX. By gdx Paragon (1444) 17-03-2015, 13:25 OK, I did not see the paragraph "key slot". Developing software for Nextor is a completely different thing. Terms and conditions | Privacy policy | Contact us My MSX profile HOMENEWSARCHIVEFORUMMSX TALKDEBATES EN ESPAÑOLMULTILINGUAL FORUMSWIKIINDEXPROGRAMMINGMSX FAQSCENE MEMBERSSCENE GROUPSCOMMUNITYPHOTOSHOOTSPOLLSLINKSARTICLESGENERALREVIEWSFAIR REPORTSDOWNLOADSDOWNLOADS DBMRCABOUT USJOIN OUR TEAMDONATE Home » News » Software »

Write in a foreign language is always a challenge And now is Nextor 2.1 flash time By Grauw Enlighted (5698) 15-03-2015, 17:35 I flashed my Sunrise CF-IDE with the Alpha 2, The Cf or ide hardisk were detected an I can call fdisk and format. How have you partitioned it? From the first time you contacted me I was assuming that you were part of Tecnobytes staff!

I used the nextor.sys from the zip file (alpha version) but I see version 2.10. Reload to refresh your session. So if you have your ROMs in your share/systemroms folder (as explained in the manual), it's a matter of uninstalling the old openMSX and installing the new one and everything runs. Viewer requires iframe.


But does not work on FAT16 to write the result EDit: Grauw was faster! ^^! So go ahead and update your Nextor bits. By Retrofan Paragon (1209) 12-02-2014, 18:43 Nice, but I also hope for a release for Padial SD interface, then we can use Nextor on even more interfaces By Latok msx guru Please let me know whether it's better in the latest development build from that site.

Now is time to see what is happening in OpenMSX and to test the bug in real hardware (filling a CF with "nothing" and trying to format it again). The game load done but the music is corrupt. Being able to easily save your progress to a userdisk like this is pretty much a dream come true!