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Organising drivers’ duties in such a fashion enables a crew’s duties to be spread over 21 hours. PCV Derogations What rules apply? The second must be at least 9 hours of uninterrupted rest, giving a total minimum rest of 12 hours. The Rules Change For Ferry Journeys When taking part in a Ferry Crossing you may ignore interruptions to your daily rest as long as you do not interrupt it more than have a peek at these guys

This entry was posted in PTV xServer and tagged PTV xTour, xserver by Peter Beißwanger. Double Manning Daily rest concession-In a double manned vehicle each driver will require a minimum daily rest of 9 hours (an increase of 1 hour)in each period of 30 hours In In certain circumstances, drivers may be exempt from EU Regulation 561/2006 throughout the EU, or there may be a derogation for the driver on a national journey within a particular country. The following table is an example of how the driver's duties might be organised in compliance with the rules on weekly rest, whereby one reduced weekly rest period may be taken http://www.uk-trucking.net/legal/drivinghours.asp

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Organising drivers' duties and incorporating this concession enables a crew's duties to be spread over 21 hours. If you do this, you must still take the minimum of 9 hours within the 24 hour period.

Note - When reducing your rest period don’t forget to keep track of your weekly and fortnightly driving hours. Out of Scope Working Rules Out of scope driving is driving that takes place on roads which are not the public highway. In other words, planned breaches of the rules are not allowed. Tachograph Symbols Provided road safety is not jeopardised there can be a departure from the Regulations provided there is : a genuine emergency.

Under multi-manning, the ‘second’ driver in a crew may not necessarily be the same driver from the duration of the first driver’s shift but could in principle be any number of Double Manning Digital Tacho The one exception to this is the first hour for which first driver has the opportunity to prepare the vehicle or collect the second driver. One dirver having different second drivers for different periods of the shift would not count as double manning, and the double manning option would not apply. comments powered by Disqus

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wrong mode selected or breakdown etc) Recent Posts Benefits of ISO 39001 RTSM Home Links Sitemap Twitter Invergold Logistics | 0121 607 1904 7ads6x98y Forum Home > Driver's Hours Period Of Availability During a night work duty, you may not exceed 10 hours of working within a 24 hour period.  This 24 hour period begins as soon as you begin you first duty in The weekly driving time may not exceed 56 hours. If a reduction is taken, it must be compensated for by an equivalent period of rest taken in one block before the end of the third week following the week in

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Working Out Your Weekly Rest The standard weekly rest requirement is 45 hours after no more than 6 consecutive duties. http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/3rd-february-2011/20/do-drivers-hours-regulations-vary-for-double-manne The back of the roll has a designated area for entering such information. Drivers Hours Breaks or an umavoidable delay that could not have resonably been foreseen There are no absolute values to the amount by which the Regulations can be deviated from. Hgv Drivers Hours Explained In addition to this, a driver cannot exceed 90 hours driving in a fortnight.

This allows you to drive the vehicle onto a ferry and off at the end of a sea crossing. More about the author The outfit ( Yes I mean that in the most derogatory sense !) I work forsend us out double manned every day to do multi drop deliveries anywhere in the Country.The Weekly rest can be reduced to a minimum of 24 hours whether the rest is taken at base or away from base, but a full 45 hour rest must be taken Home| About| Acronyms| Contact| Terms| Privacy Transport Directories UK Truck Operators EU Truck Operators Trucks & Vans Trailers Parts Suppliers Return Loads Ferry Bookings Recovery Services Service Providers Operator Licensing Drivers Hours Calculator

A weekly rest period that falls in two weeks may be counted in either week but not in both. However, this can be split into 2 breaks, the first being at least 15 minutes, and the second being at least 30 minutes in length. But in my mind that is 123 hours and 40 minutes I have spent in the work environment.. check my blog Compensation for reduced weekly rest must be provided by the end of the third fixed week in which the reduction takes place, but must beaded to another rest period of at

The information above is based on information published by Tachograph Analysis Consultants Ltd, Queen's Dock Business Centre, Norfolk Street, Liverpool L1 0BG. How To Use Digital Tachograph Rests taken in vehicle-Drivers will be able to take daily rests and reduced weekly rests away from base in a stationary vehicle provided it has suitable sleeping facilities. You must have at least 15 minutes of continuous break in order for it to count as a break.

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This is any 2 weeks together, and the rolling total must not exceed 90 hours. * I.e. VOSA. Warning - You must not have 2 reduced weekly rests in a row, even if you have immediately compensated in between. Maximum Driving Hours Per Day Eg one week 56 hours following week 34 hours or other war round.

Contents 1 Regulations 2 EU countries 3 AETR countries 4 EEA countries 5 Tachograph 6 See also 7 Footnotes 8 External links Regulations[edit] In the European Union, drivers' working hours are Chart, print out and hand written records must be handed to the employer within the statutory period. You cannot have these breaks the other way around. news Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

For PSV drivers the hours differ slightly and are between 1am and 5am.