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In any two consecutive weeks a rest period of at least one full weekly rest (45 hours) and one reduced weekly rest (24 hours) must be taken. However, a rest period of at least 69 hours in total may be counted as two back-to-back weekly rests (e.g. This compensation cannot be taken in several smaller periods. (See example below.) A regular weekly rest is a period of rest of at least 45 hours' duration. It may be either a 'regular weekly rest period' or a 'reduced weekly rest period'. http://codingcontext.com/drivers-hours/drivers-hours-rules-weekly-rest.php

This may be reduced to 9 hours up to 3 times per week without any need for compensation. These rules establish that: Daily driving period shall not exceed 9 hours, with an exemption of twice a week when it can be extended to 10 hours. Since September 2010, AETR rules have been amended to align closely with EU Regulation 561/2006. Under certain circumstances, drivers may instead fall within scope of the domestic rules of that country. https://www.tachosys.com/index.php/digital-tachograph-information/29-drivers-hours-rules

Domestic Driving Hours

Breaks of at least 45 minutes (separable into 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes) should be taken after 4 ½ hours at the latest. If a reduction is taken, it must be compensated for by an equivalent period of rest taken in one block before the end of the third week following the week in Source:Department of Transport (UK).

Weekly rest period: A weekly rest period is a period of at least 45 hours of continuous rest. If these strict conditions cannot be complied with, then drivers sharing duties on a journey will individually be governed by single manning rules and will not be able to use the PCV Derogations What rules apply? Maximum Driving Hours Per Day If a vehicle is manned by 2 drivers, one of them may take a break on the vehicle whilst the other drives.

Alternatively, a driver can split a regular daily rest period into two periods. Rules On Drivers Hours And Tachographs 2015 February 2011. In any two consecutive 'fixed' weeks a driver must take at least: two regular weekly rests; or one regular weekly rest and one reduced weekly rest. https://www.gov.uk/drivers-hours/eu-rules For example: Daily Rest Periods A driver must take a daily rest period within each period of 24 hours after the end of the previous daily or weekly rest period.

After 4.5 hours of driving the driver must take a break period of at least 45 minutes. Hgv Driving Hours Made Simple During any break a driver must not drive or undertake other work. Journeys involving ferry or train transport Where a driver accompanies a vehicle that is being transported by ferry or train, the daily rest requirements are more flexible. Compensation arrangements apply for reduced weekly rest period.

Rules On Drivers Hours And Tachographs 2015

All of Google. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LJ0nqc_1YJWSij_u09P-Rkfz9RvZdITjQZdDs_vL1ZY Where the rest period is interrupted in this way, the total accumulated rest period must still be 11 hours. Domestic Driving Hours Breaks Daily Rest Periods Double Manned Vehicles Rules for Transport by Ferryboat or Train Weekly Rest Periods Travelling Time Unforeseen events Breaks After a driving period of no more than 4.5 Weekly Rest Period Calculator A weekly rest period which begins in one week and continues into the following week may be attached to either week but not both weeks.

Breaks of less than 15 minutes will not contribute towards a qualifying break, but neither will they be counted as duty or driving time. More about the author A regular daily rest period may be interrupted no more than twice, but the total interruption must not exceed 1 hour in total. From 11 April 2007 where a vehicle travels on both public and private roads all the driving must be counted. The weekly driving time may not exceed 56 hours. Working Time Directive Drivers Hours

when driving a vehicle carrying an abnormal load under the Special Types regulations) and any instruction that may be given by an enforcement officer (e.g. The next report will cover the years 2015-2016. Key Information A weekly rest period is the weekly period during which drivers may freely dispose of their time. http://codingcontext.com/drivers-hours/drivers-hours-weekly-rest-periods.php You can view the UK Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph rules publications from VOSA via the following links; GV262 - Drivers Hours and Tachograph Rules for Goods Vehicles PSV375 - Drivers Hours

Retrieved 18 September 2011. ^ "Rules on Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs- Passenger Carrying Vehicles" (PDF). Hgv Drivers Hours Simplified For the full breakdown of the rules Click Here. The daily rest period may be taken in a vehicle, as long as it is fitted with a bunk and is stationary.

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Failure to compy will result in a Driving Infringement. Source: VOSA. This is perfectly acceptable - the working week is not required to be aligned with the 'fixed' week defined in the rules, provided all the relevant limits are complied with. What Is The Rule For Compensation For Reduced Weekly Rest However, this can be split into 2 breaks, the first being at least 15 minutes, and the second being at least 30 minutes in length.

Unforeseen events Provided that road safety is not jeopardised, and to enable a driver to reach a suitable stopping place, a departure from the EU rules may be permitted to the However, this will depend on the length of the ferry crossing Any interruption in rest must be as short as possible and must exceed no more than 1 hour Where the Daily rest period shall be at least 11 hours, with an exception of going down to 9 hours maximum three times a week. news Where reduced weekly rest periods are taken away from base, these may be taken in a vehicle, provided that it has suitable sleeping facilities and is stationary.

Key Information A rest is an uninterrupted period where a driver may freely dispose of his time. This allows for a vehicle to depart from its operating centre and collect a second driver along the way, providing that this is done within 1 hour of the first driver Sign in to continue to Docs Enter your email Find my account Sign in with a different account Create account One Google Account for everything Google About Google Privacy Terms Help An overview of the answers to the questionnaire on the use of 12-day derogation is available on request at the following functional mailbox: [email protected] National exceptions from drivers' hours rules Article

The daily rest period may be taken in a vehicle, as long as it is fitted with a bunk and is stationary. The compliance with these provisions is subject to continuous monitoring and controls, which are carried out on national and international level via checking tachograph records at the road side and at Vehicles manned by two or more drivers are governed by the same rules that apply to single-manned vehicles, apart from the daily rest requirements. A weekly rest period that falls in two weeks may be counted in either week but not in both.