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On SunOS/Solaris: You *need* the SCSI general driver 'scg' in order to run cdrecord. NOTE: All these tar archives are 100% ansi compatible. On Solaris, cdrecord uses the SVr4 priocntl() call to establish SVr4 real-time scheduling which grants to run cdrecord in a higher priority than all kernel processes. Cdrecord is currently maintained with the following drives: Plextor PX-W124 Plextor PX-W8220 Plextor PX-W4220 Plextor PX-R820 Plextor PX-R412C Yamaha CRW-4416 Yamaha CDR-400 Ricoh MP-7040A Ricoh MP-7040S Ricoh MP-7060S (available only to http://codingcontext.com/drivers-hp/drivers-hp-cd-writer-cd-w54e.php

NetBSD/FreeBSD/OpenBSD: x86 sparc alpha amiga and m68k SGI IRIX: mips HP-UX: hppa AIX: rs6000 OSF1: alpha BSD/OS (BSDi): x86 SCO Openserver 5.x: x86 SCO Unixware 2.x: x86 SCO Unixware 7.x: x86 Solaris only: It is _nice to have_ the 'fbk' driver to mount files that contain images of file systems. Sformat is the first SCSI disk formatting/analyzing/repairing that runs on SunOS/Solaris. It may be that the reason for this performance problems is that the PC-architecture has no IO-MMU and therefore is not able to do DVMA.

reboot -- -r 2) fbk driver similar to scg driver (see above) 3) Switch the CD-Writer to an unused target id (2 should do it) NOTE: Be very careful. IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. You need to be root because you need access to /dev/scg? SCHILYscg.i386.tar.Z The scg driver in pkgadd format (x86).

Fbk means File simulates Block Device. On Linux cdrecord currently uses the /dev/sg? The following drives will never be supported by cdrecord because they are too old: JVC XR-W1001 Pinnacle Micro RCD-202 Ricoh RS-9200CD The following drives are currently not supported because I don't and to be able to put cdrecord into the real-time scheduling class.

Cdrecord runs on: SunOS 4.1.3 or later: sparc. Do not install drivers for intel on sparc and vice versa. SunOS 4.1.3 only: The 'scg' driver is Copyright 1986-1995 Jörg Schilling, it is supplied binary in a loadable format. Sformat source including 10 years of competence in SCSI disk handling is available on: ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/sformat I am interested to hear if someone is interested in a kernel based filesystem for Solaris

On system that provide POSIX real-time scheduling the result may be slightly worse as POSIX RT doesn't seem to grant latter real time behaviour. This is to reduce some performance problems on Solaris x86. The 'fbk' driver is Copyright 1988-1995 Jörg Schilling, it is supplied binary in pkgadd(1m) format and is tested on Solaris 2.3, Solaris 2.4 & Solaris 2.5 (sparc). Nomai 680.rw Olympus CDS615E Olympus CDS620E (use cdrecord driver=sony_cdu924 and report inquiry) Olympus CD-R2x6 (use cdrecord driver=sony_cdu924 and report inquiry) Optima Dis Kovery 650 CD-R OTI CDRW 965 OTI-975 Socrates 1.0

All mc versions before 4.0.14 cannot extract symbolic links correctly. http://www.dvd-drivers.com/companies/1030.htm Solaris 2.3 or later: sparc and x86. Only use the mkisofs that is contained in this release. All Systems: The SCSI transport library has been taken from the sformat program.

Installation Process: Solaris only: 1) scg driver untar SCHILYscg.tar: su Password: xxxxx cd /tmp zcat SCHILYscg.tar | tar -xvf - pkgadd -d . pkgadd does not check for the right target architecture. Solaris only: The 'scg' driver is Copyright 1986-1995 Jörg Schilling, it is supplied binary in pkgadd(1m) format and is tested on Solaris 2.3, Solaris 2.4 & Solaris 2.5 (sparc). WARNING: Do not use 'mc' to extract the tar file!

If a recent drive does not work with cdrecord, you most likely found a firmware bug. The cdrecord distribution contains a SCSI user level transport library. Cdrecord-1.3 or later adopts the right BUF_SIZE for each architecture. More about the author All other mkisofs versions are too buggy.

SCHILYfbk.i386.tar.Z The fbk driver in pkgadd format (x86). If this points out to be the reason, I have to change the scg driver & cdrecord, but this would be needed on Linux anyway. ‏لاستخدام مجموعات Google، يرجى تمكين جافا سكريبت في إعدادات المتصفح، ثم تحديث هذه الصفحة. . حسابيبحثخرائطYouTubeالأخبارGmailDriveتقويمGoogle+‎ترجمةالصورالمزيدالمستنداتBloggerجهات الاتصالHangoutsKeepتلقّي المزيد من Googleتسجيل الدخولالحقول المخفيةبحث عن

Cdrecord may be easily ported to any system that has a SCSI device driver similar to the scg driver.

Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility driver - you need no additional driver On *BSD, SGI IRIX and HP-UX the internal user level SCSI driver is used but you will not need an OS specific SCSI user Linux: x86 sparc sparc64 ppc strongarm and alpha. ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/kernel/scg/ ...

See Wearnes 622 Memorex CR-1622 Memorex CRW-1622 Microboards PlayWrite 2000 (use cdrecord driver=sony_cdu924 and report inquiry) Microboards PlayWrite 4000 (use cdrecord driver=yamaha_cdr100 and report inquiry) Microboards PlayWrite 4001RW MicroNet MasterCD Plus ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/kernel/fbk/ ... To unpack the archive use: gzip -d < cdrecord.tar.gz | tar -xpf - The files are located on: ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/cdrecord/ ... You will get a corrupt system.

All Systems: cdrecord-1.6.1.tar.gz The cdrecord for source distribution.